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What We Do

We create and develop business opportunities in renewable energy sector for sustainable development. 


Here To Help

Support to create and develop rural entrepreneurs in productive use of renewable energy.

Cost Savings

The most consumers actually afford small solar home systems as they pay for such a system over time, in small but regular, and user-defined increments.

We have what you need to make your energy problems solved with affordable solutions successfully!

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Help When You Need It

Leo Energy Solutions LTD is has set out to deeply focus on low income consumers and marginalized communities who have...

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Why We Are The Best

Leo Energy Solutions LTD composed by a team of more than 10 years of local and international knowledgeable with areas...

Expert Strategy

Full Proof Plans For You

Leo Energy Solutions goes all-out to provide energy services at market prices for the commercial uses/ applications and in this way  ...

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Leo Energy Solutions in collaboration with Tanzania Youth Environment Network (TAYEN) are implementing Solar PV Project...

Ms Luiza M. Kapinga

Engaging women directly and indirectly in the renewable energy sector is a necessary step in addressing the current dilemmas of environmental degradation, energy scarcity, economic opportunity and community well-being.

Chisunga Mpepo

Energy challenges can be eliminated by productive use of indigenous sources of energy.

Leo P. Msanga

Leo Energy Solutions LTD aims at exploring the real possibility of working in collaboration with a number of well-established international renewable energy companies and development partners.