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Leo Energy Solutions LTD is a clean energy development company which combines technical, social and entrepreneurship expertise to provide renewable energy services and support sectors related to renewable energy. It has a passion for renewable generated energy and building strong relationships with the best professionals in bio-energy, hydropower, wind energy generators, solar manufacturers, suppliers and end-users in the world.


The company supplies and installs renewable energy equipment and technologies including solar systems, wind turbines, improved cook stoves, solar kits systems, lanterns, charcoal kilns, appliances of all sizes and requirements fit for purpose.  Furthermore, the company mainstream energy services in gender, agriculture, health, education and ICT. 

Leo Energy Solutions LTD proponents is experienced energy development and supply company having designed and installed different solar energy supply systems ranging from a few watts to several kilo watts of solar energy capacity. These systems have been installed for both small and large energy consumers such as households and businesses.

Over the recent years Leo Energy Solutions has been exploring means to scale up the solar power supply solutions to a large number of clients including those who can’t afford to pay upfront on the equipment.

The company has reached out to several potential consumers for such power through direct calls, emails and meeting to find out willingness and ability of these customers to pay for the energy services. The response indicate that many clients would want sufficient supply of power that will meet all their needs and are ready to pay for the amount of energy consumed as long as it is below the national utility tariffs.

Further, the company has developed good working relationships with number of reliable solar energy and remote monitoring and control equipment suppliers both locally and international who can as well provide guarantees on equipment as well as on site support for installation, user training and commissioning of installed power systems. Leo Energy Solutions has also been exploring to offer systems on credit as a means to enhance affordability and scale up sales. However, the company has limited financial capacity to purchase the solar power systems for leasing. We also believe that before venturing into a full scale leasing scheme it is necessary to try the idea and develop the necessary knowledge and skills for effective large scale operations.