Energy Saving Electrical and Electronic Services
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For discerning customers developing advanced re electrical and electronics products, Leo Energy Solutions’ can custom deliver extraordinarily powerful and high electrical and electronic solutions. This is especially important for those unique applications that require superior reliability, high cycle life or small form factors that fully leverage the outstanding performance of energy.

With unrivalled energy density, cycle life, and wide operating temperature range, our equipment’s can enable the development of innovative products. Customers may just let us know what he/she needs. We offer our customers a unique opportunity to benefit from the advantages of 10 years in renewable energy entrepreneurship expertise.  No other company can match our experience. This depth of expertise is critical if you need a partner in the development of energy solution for your cutting-edge products.  We take a hands-on approach with our customers, offering a cradle-to-grave relationship that can extend from customizable products to business development. Some of products are solar panels, charger control, inverters, batteries and electrical appliances such as TV screen, Domestic Fridge, Vaccine Fridge, Sub-woofer, DC/AC egg incubator, water solar heater of different sizes required by customers.