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Leo Energy Solutions in collaboration with Tanzania Youth Environment Network (TAYEN) are implementing Solar PV Project (to supply, installing and commissioning solar PV Systems) to 40 marginalized households, 5 secondary school classes and dispensary with a vaccine fridge at Malolo B Village in Kilosa District, Tanzania. The project is funded by UNDP Tanzania through its small grant window.

Leo Energy Solutions LTD and TAYEN are keen to address energy and environment conservation issues across the marginalized communities in rural area of Tanzania.   Energy and environment conservation are already being partly addressed by complying with organizations and other stakeholders and by undertaking energy and environment saving schemes throughout some selected communities. However with increasing requirements for reductions in carbon emissions, and increasing levels of fuel poverty among its working areas, energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy technologies remain high on the TAYEN and Leo Energy Solutions agenda. As energy conservation is tackled, there is also the concern of addressing appropriate methods of energy supply to the communities that connection to national grid still a pipe dream.


It is for this reason that Leo Energy Solutions LTD and TAYEN is concerned for the future regarding the source and use of energy. Dependency on global energy supply is a risk; both to the origin of the energy and its future availability. The global issue of finite energy sources will soon heavily impact upon the housing sector; therefore, it is a wise decision to investigate alternative methods of clean and cheap energy generation, in a bid to secure an independent energy supply for domestic dwellings. It is important to note that it is due to the lack of modern energy services in many rural areas which is a major bottleneck for social and economic development like education, health and other social welfare of communities.  It observed that without reliable energy services, it will be very hard to develop local enterprises and income-generating activities for the indigenous.


Leo Energy Solutions and TAYEN welcome other development partners to follow the step of UNDP Tanzania for cheeping in the renewable energy projects to marginalized communities.