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Leo Energy Solutions LTD composed by a team of more than 10 years of local and international knowledgeable with areas of expertise in Renewable Energy:  Entrepreneurship, Business Development, Marketing, Fund Raising and  Marketing, Agricultural Strategy for Rural Development and Mixed Farming for Small Scale Farmer, Strategic Planning, Technical, Financial and Economic Analysis and Promotion of Productive Use of Energy (Electricity), Gender analysis and  mainstreaming for energy projects and training, Preparation of gender and energy implementation framework and Training on gender mainstreaming in energy sector. Further, Leo Energy Solutions LTD builds capacity local farmers, engineers and technicians who w carry out most of the field work where our services reached.

Leo Energy Solutions LTD explores the real possibility of working in collaboration with a number of well-established local and international renewable companies such as Solaris Energy System LTD, Ireland, Solar Universe LTD of India and Natural Light Pvt LTD of India, Nishati Solar, Solar Best and Rex Energy, Step Solar, Chloride Exide as the manufacturers and suppliers of individually designed solar home kits for lighting, charging phones and powering televisions sets and radios. Also Leo Energy Solutions LTD collaborates with grassroots organization such as Village Community Bank (VIKOBA), SACCOS and Tanzania Youth Environment Network (TAYEN) in order to meet the needs of the communities.  Furthermore the company still opens the window for other partner to play a role together in improving the sector and cross cutting.