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The company has experts with huge experiences in solar mini-grid project development activities starting from identification of communities, electricity demand assessment, stakeholder consultations, land acquisition, obtaining of permits and authorizations, up to a ready to build status of the Mini-Grid system such as:

  1. ·         Identifying villages that are eligible for Mini-Grid electrification by investor based on a well-defined set of criteria. The task includes longer periods of travelling in rural areas and close interaction with respective representatives at the Regional, District, Ward and Village levels, and coordination and signing of agreements with these authorities.
  2. ·         Organizing and supervising a team of field researchers to carry out electricity demand assessment in the communities, evaluates the results and derives load profiles as required input data for technical and economic system design.
  3. ·         Coordinating consultations with all stakeholders involved in the project development cycle including the national authorities (Ministry of Energy and Minerals, REA, EWURA, NEMC), the local authorities (Regional, District, Ward and Villages levels), TANESCO, project partners and donors, with the aim to establish and maintain good relationship to all stakeholders  and  to  assure  a  smooth  implementation  of  all activities.
  4. ·         Acquisitioning of land in the respective villages for the construction and long-term operation of the power stations by following the prevailing procedures and coordinating with the responsible authorities.
  5. ·         Following up on all necessary permitting, authorization and approval requirements for the implementation and operation of the Mini-Grid systems, including but not limited to registration and licensing (if required) with EWURA, construction permits with the District authorities, and Environmental Impact Assessments with NEMC. Leo Energy Solutions takes care of the necessary on-going coordination and close collaboration with all stakeholders involved.