Solar PV System
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Most photovoltaic (PV) customers are interested in solar powering their homes because they realize that solar power is good for the environment, among other things. Few other investments can positively impact the environment as much as an intertie (utility-connected) PV system. Here's a short list of our PV system advantages:

•Lower utility bills: The most obvious advantage of installing solar PV is that you'll reduce your electric utility bills. It's easy to determine how much your system will produce in terms of energy. It's a lot more difficult to predict how this will affect your monthly utility bill, and that's the bottom line.

•Simplicity: The system architecture of a PV system, while considered high-tech, is very simple. There are no moving parts. The simplistic nature of PV systems means

•Maintaining a PV system is simple. You usually don't need to do anything at all. While it may seem like your panels are getting very dusty, the effect on power output is much less than you'd think.

•Simplicity ensures reliability. Our systems equipment’s have long lifetimes because they are made to suit any climatic conditions. You can expect your solar PV system to operate for more than 25 years.

In fact, no other alternative energy option affords the simplicity of a PV system.