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He is expert in Marketing and local financing Village Saving Loan/Village Community Bank. He is a specialist in designing and implementing business or industry development interventions.  He has been instrumental in introducing a variety of new technologies into different markets throughout Tanzania, including renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies.    He is well versed in climate change issues globally and is one of Tanzania’s most experienced renewable energy consultants.  He has consulted on behalf of African governments, bilateral and multilateral donors, NGOs and private companies.  He is skilled in strategic planning, business planning, project management, micro-finance, market assessment and marketing.  He is an experienced trainer/facilitator and team leader, having managed staffs as large as 40 people.  He has administered multi-year donor-funded projects valued in the millions of dollars.

She is expert in gender analysis and gender mainstreaming for energy projects. Her management role is preparation of gender and energy implementation framework and a trainer on gender mainstreaming in the business. She a Rural energy expert with more than 13 years’ experience working with rural energy practitioners, researchers, governments, NGOs and international organizations in Africa and specifically in Tanzania. In depth knowledge and understanding on gender analysis and gender mainstreaming in energy projects and trainings include preparation of gender and energy implementation framework; and a trainer on gender mainstreaming. She has extensive experience on gender and energy program and project identification, design, implementation and monitoring and 

Business Development Services for SMEs

Leo Energy Solutions offers advisory as non-financial services andproducts toSmall and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) at various stages oftheir business needs. These services are aimedat skills transfer or business adviceservices that improve the performance of the enterprises and her customers, its access to markets, and its ability to compete in energy business. This includes selecting and making regular contacts with the SMEs, facilitating training and coaching on areas related to business development, marketing and financial management and organizing exhibition events for the SMEs amongst others.This is through conducting business and entrepreneurial training need assessment, training, mentoring and coaching.

Leo’s expertise is in entrepreneurship, business development services, marketing in energy services and products.  He is internationally known for fighting poverty through business skills, entrepreneurship in energy sector. He has huge experiences in implementing energy business and pro-jects/programmes in administration, management and advisory services in solar, wind and biomass energy.More than 10 years of experience in business development services, institutional strengthening and capacity building in RE policy development. He has implemented several energy projects in Tanzania: Biomass Energy focusing especially in training and marketing research on Improved cook stove, sustainable charcoal production, stoves efficiency and performance test, biogas and briquette and solar energy focusing especially Min-grid Development in Islands of Lake Victoria, Southern and Western regions of Tanzania. In addition to his general expertise in the subject matter, Mr. Leo also has specific competencies in lobbing and advocacy engaging a variety of stakeholders in developing project outputs as well as developing effective communication strategies.

Leo Energy Solutions offers advisory services to the project and business developers in maximizing the productive uses of electricity to increase the impact of rural electrification programs through:

  1. ·         Identification of the productive activities taking place in a project area and the supporting sectors
  2. ·         Careful analysis of the production processes involved, identification of possible improvements and limitations
  3. ·         Review of the contribution of electricity to these expected improvements and what equipment is required
  4. ·         Analysis of the technical and economic feasibility and the social viability of the electrically based solution proposed
  5. ·         Targeted promotion campaign to potential users about the gains from the use of electricity for a new production process, involving electricity services distributors, relevant equipment providers, microfinance institutions and any other relevant stakeholders, such as local governments, cooperatives, or NGOs