Project Five
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Tanzania:  Dar Charcoal Project

Client: Camco Clean Energy/WWF and Barclays Bank UK

Project Description: This large multi-year project is the result of an earlier charcoal study (Situation Analysis of Charcoal Dynamics, Energy Policies and Possibilities of Switching to Alternatives) and the national charcoal sector stakeholders’ workshop conducted in 2007. Camco Tanzania was hired to design this programme.  The Dar Charcoal Project is a multi-year initiative piloted by WWF, the Forestry and Beekeeping Division of the MNRT and Camco Tanzania.  The initial pilot phase of the project began in 2009 and includes twelve villages in Kisarawe and Rufiji Districts, providing extension services for nursery development, tree planting, sustainable management of productive forest, efficient wood to charcoal conversion, and sustainable charcoal marketing.  The project will provide voluntary carbon credits to villages engaged in sustainable charcoal production.  For this purpose a non-profit company, TanCarbon Market Limited.

Role: Service Provider