Project four
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Tanzania: Market research for Sustainably Produced Charcoal 

Client:  Camco Clean Energy/Tanzania Forest Conservation Group (TFCG)

Project Description: The Tanzania Forest Conservation Group in partnership with the Tanzanian Community Forestry Network (MJUMITA) is implementing the ‘Sustainable Charcoal Project’ which is part of a broader programme ‘Transforming Tanzania’s Charcoal Sector’ financed by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation. “Transforming Tanzania’s Charcoal Sector” has two components, one aimed at developing markets and supply chains for sustainable charcoal, and the other concerned with improving knowledge management and governance in the biomass energy sector.  

The goal of the ‘Sustainable Charcoal is to establish ‘Commercially viable value chains for legal, sustainably sourced charcoal’. The project aimed to the have strong linkages to the charcoal market in Dar es Salaam and other centres of demand i.e. the towns of Morogoro, Kilosa and Mikumi, where a professional and targeted marketing programme will launch sustainably branded charcoal into premium markets and build up strong supply chain linkages between up-scale urban consumers and low income rural suppliers at community level in the Central Corridor. The project focus is Kilosa and Mpwapwa Districts of Morogoro Region, where TFCG is already engaged with 18 villages in participatory forest management (PFM) processes that forms part of a pilot REDD (Reducing Emissions of greenhouse gases from Deforestation and forest Degradation) programme.

Role: Research Coordination